About Picqle

In 2014, Danny founded Picqle with the desire to help businesses grow their online presence and achieve online success.

Picqle is an online marketing agency specializing in Search & Performance marketing. Our services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Paid Search, Social Media Advertising and Google Analytics. We help businesses achieve online success by driving more leads, sales and customers.

Our core values are:

Open, Honest and Transparent

We believe in an open, honest and transparent relationship with our clients and employees. This ensures integrity is at it’s highest and there are no nasty surprises for anyone.

This also means we’re not a “Yes” agency; promising to deliver everything and not managing your expectations correctly. We are happy to sign up to challenging but also realistic goals, and will advise what’s in your best interest.

Results Focused

At the end of the day, we all want results that speak for themselves. Hence, we are relentless in ensuring we do our best to deliver the results. This is what keeps clients happy and fosters a healthy ongoing partnership.

Here’s why you need us

If you’re a business owner or a marketing manager, who needs to grow your business through effective online marketing that drives real bottom-line results, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have a proven track record at driving results for our clients, maximizing their ROI and there’s no BS around it. Everything we do is tracked and measured so that you know for yourself the value you’re getting from your marketing dollars.

Return On Investment

We don’t drive clicks; we drive sales, leads and customers for your business. If we sound like the agency you need to help achieve online success, contact us now to find out more about our services and pricing.

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