Qualify Me is a leading education provider in Sydney that helps tradesmen with prior experience get their skills recognized and qualified.

The Challenge

Qualify Me wanted to increase their leads generated online and had looked into Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as a channel to drive qualified leads. However, Qualify Me quickly realized that running their own SEM campaigns was not an easy task and required specialized skills and expertise to only manage the SEM campaigns, but also to drive qualified leads at a cost effective ROI level.

Qualify Me then approached Picqle and shared their desire to grow their business online and was clear they wanted their marketing dollars to yield a strong ROI. They essentially wanted results.

The Magic

As common with most businesses, Qualify Me did not know exactly what their maximum cost-per-lead (CPL) targets were for each of their products and how much budget was needed to allocate to Google AdWords & Bing Ads. We then helped guide Qualify Me in establishing the max CPL targets by identifying their revenue margins on each product and their closure rate of lead to sale.

Once the business goals and metrics were identified, we then helped Qualify Me implement conversion tracking on their website as they did not have clear visibility into how their site was performing. This was necessary to provide transparency and accountability into the performance of their campaigns.

The next phase was to conduct extensive keyword research and improving keyword match types to target relevant search queries, as well as identifying irrelevant search queries that would be rigorously added as negative matches to minimize budget wastage. We then worked with Qualify Me to come up with highly effective ads with strong call-to-actions and mapped it to relevant landing pages to provide maximum relevancy to the customer. Once the account was running, constant analysis and optimizations were made from bid changes and keyword pruning to device targeting scaling and day of week scaling, to improve and maximize the account’s ROI.


Months Turnaround


Leads Increased


Cost Per Lead Decreased

Very Happy Client

The Results

Within 4 months, Picqle was able to increase their Paid Search leads by 340% and reduce their CPL by 38%. Qualify Me now has also close to 100% search impression share on their most profitable products, running at a strong ROI.

Because of this, Qualify Me is now able to justify increasing their budget to expand and cover the rest of their products offered.

Picqle has tremendously increased warm leads to our business through Search Engine Marketing! They are highly responsive, transparent and easy to deal with. Worth every penny!

James Choucair

Co-Founder, Qualify Me!

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